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Sara Perry, signing off

May 27, 2011

As things with the Marcellus Shale project at PRI are revving up, one of our team members is moving on to bigger and better things. This guest post is from Sara Auer Perry, who after working for PRI since 2008 is headed up South Hill to get her Elementary Education teaching degree. Here’s what she has to say about her experiences with our project…

“It’s hard to imagine that just a couple years ago I had never heard of the Marcellus shale.  Now, it seems impossible that a single day could pass without it cropping up into conversation.  Just over a year and a  half ago I was tasked with the creation of educational pamphlets on the potential for induced seismicity  resulting from drilling in the Marcellus and the risk of bringing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material to the surface.  Even as a geologist those topics seemed quite daunting to me.  How could I educate the public about such technical issues in a meaningful way?  Now, many months later, I think I’ve succeeded.  I found I didn’t have all the answers, but that was still an important piece of the puzzle that the public needed to know!  Why all the nostalgia, you might say?   My Marcellus work as well as my time at PRI is coming to a close.  It’s been hard, it’s been great, and I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing my time here will continue to be of use to others.  Check it out online at:

Signing off the Marcellus Crew,

Sara Auer Perry

Geoscience Education Resource Developer

PRI Staff 2008-2011

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